Become a real Viking boat builder – Viking for a week.

 Do you want to be part of history, rather than just watching movies or read about it? Do something really crazy. Go Viking and join our boat builders who are making an archeological replica of the famous Gokstad Viking ship.

During the day you will work with your hands and Viking tools as a Viking boat builder, in the evenings you`ll learn more about the Vikings, go exploring, rowing or sailings with the Saga Oseberg replica. And you´ll of course have a good time with your fellow Vikings in their native land. This is where it happened, now it´s happening again!


  • Duration: One week
  • B&B
  • Lunch each day 
  • Training by skilled Viking ship builders
  • Experience the Viking history
  • Rowing with skilled crew on a Viking ship replica
  • Getting to know some interesting people (you´ll be working outside in the middle of Norway´s oldest town).
  • Follow the Vestfold Viking Trail with a guide.
  • Become part of a very dedicated group of people.
  • Learn some Norwegian.
  • Stay for more weeks if you like!