Watch history being recreated

In the middle of Tonsberg´s pulsating harbour you can watch history being recreated – all year around. Here you will find theSaga Oseberg, a fully-scale archaeological replica of the Oseberg ship. The replica was built at this very site during the years 2010-2012, using Viking Age tools only.

This is also where our skilled shipwrights built a replica of the Klastad ship, launched in September 2018 (see separate article). The original ship can be seen at the nearby Slottsfjell Museum – as the only original Viking ship outside Oslo.

Other forms of Viking handicrafts are demonstrated on a regular basis, including forging and textile work. Our skilled guides will be here on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays (and sometimes Sundays) and are eager to share their knowledge of our rich Viking heritage with you.

Our vision

Oseberg Viking Heritage Foundation was established in 2005 with the single aim of building a replica of the world´s most beautiful Viking ship – the Oseberg. Based on the experiences from building Saga Oseberg we decided to established a new vision in 2016:

Oseberg Viking Heritage Foundation aims at establishing and operating a recognised centre for competence and research into Viking Age shipbuilding and -operations, as well as associated handicrafts, and to and communicate Vestfold County´s unique Viking heritage. The centre will visualise Vestfold nationally and internationally as the world´s foremost Viking destination.

The centre shall be recognised for its competence in creating archaeological replicas of ships, objects and textiles discovered in Vestfold, and be spearheading research into Viking ship-building, the use and operation of Viking ships and Viking handicraft and textile work. Results will be communicated through visible and genuine activities, combined with offers to the general public to take part in both work and happenings and land as well as on water.

We will reach our vision through cooperation with authorities, research facilities both domestic and foreign, as well as related volunteer environments.