Travel 1200 years back in time to the Viking Age  – on board the Oseberg Ship!

 Rowing a replica of the world famous Oseberg Viking ship in its home waters is a unique experience indeed. You are depending entirely on your own strength – and of course, that of our experienced captain and crew. No engine, no thrusters – no problem!

Arriving at Tønsberg harbour you will be met by our captain – høvedsmann – and taken on board the Saga Oseberg. He will literally show you the ropes before you are ready to leave the harbour, heading for more open waters. It will take some time before you will fall into the rhythm, but with the aid and support of our regular crew you´ll soon behave like real Viking rowers!

While on board you will hear the exciting story of the Oseberg ship, the women buried with it, the Vikings and how our own Saga Oseberg came into being. And like all real Vikings you are of course eager to compete with each other! Where are the real Vikings among us – port side or starboard? The bravest of the brave might even try out running on the oars – outside the hull – just like the Norwegian king Olav Tryggvason did.

Welcome to check out your Viking genes on board the Saga Oseberg!